Where has your curiosity gone?

Hi Crusaders.
When you were young, you didn’t need any encouragement to play with other kids or to explore and learn about the world.
You had a natural sense of curiosity – we all did!
But, as time went by, you’ve probably lost it.
And now, you feel more or less stuck in a routine…
Hanging out with the same people…
Going out to the same places…
Eating the same food…
So, what happened?
How did your natural curiosity fade?
But, more importantly, how can you get it back?
You see, we adults all tend to suffer PVL (Peripheral Vision Loss). In other words, we have “Tunnel Vision”. We are less curious as we no longer pay attention to most of the world around us.
In order to succeed in life, we need to focus.
So, we focus on School, or our Job, or whatever is directly in front of us.
We need to spend countless hours committed to a single thing; after all, that’s what is expected of us. As a result, over time, we become closed off and stop expanding our horizons.
This is also promoted by modern society. We value focus and specialization.
We are rewarded for being seen as Experts. Experts have high status.
But thankfully, you don’t have to settle for that.
You can get your curiosity back.

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And here’s how…
The first thing I recommend is you start saying YES to more opportunities.
Schedule gaps in your daily calendar for “out of the box” activities, and make yourself comfortable with “wasting time”.
Second, ask questions. Especially those you would normally consider being “dumb” questions. And, if there’s nobody to ask, then ask Google.
Remember, there’s no goal here that you’re trying to achieve.
You’re just looking for opportunities to expand your horizons in whatever way possible.
And third, and probably most importantly, read books.
Read as many as you can; on a wide variety of topics that seem interesting.
You never know which book might strike the chord and make you go deep into some rabbit hole.
When that happens, it means you’re onto something.
Maybe you will have found your life’s calling – who knows?
Or . . . maybe it’s just an interesting opportunity you can pursue, for fun or profit.
It really doesn’t matter what the end result will be.
But this is for sure…
Reading will make you more curious.
And curiosity will make you more motivated and fulfilled.
When you get into that zone, then you can start making plans and taking action.
So, it’s up to you . . . Three simple steps.
  1. Look for opportunities to say YES to.
  2. Ask more dumb questions
  3. Read – a lot.
And the best time to start doing this is today.

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