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The birth of a dream (28 years in the making)

I’ve been involved in entrepreneurial activities my entire working life, (albeit with ‘sideline’ ventures), but I spent most of my career in the corporate world instead of following my passion.

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In addition to growing my own business, I’ve always dreamed of working with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them with their own companies. It took 28 years, but I finally did it😉

I started my working career in 1991, after qualifying as a mechanical engineer in 1990, and spent 5 years in the construction industry in South Africa. I learned a great deal during this time, but it wasn’t a perfect fit for me.

I then changed focus away from engineering and moving into supply-chain and logistics management in the manufacturing industry.After 23 years in this environment, initially as a Distribution Manager, then Logistics Director, then Chief Operating Officer, and ultimately as Chief Executive, I finally broke away from the corporate world in 2018. . . . . . and FutureProof was born.

In addition to my engineering qualification and my 29 years of business exposure , I have acquired significant coaching and tutoring experience that comes from dealing with the personal problems of over 1,000 employees from unskilled labourers to directors; as well as the introspective knowledge that comes from several failed personal relationships.

I want to share my knowledge and experience in these fields in an effort to help other business builders and startups in their personal and professional growth.

I now dedicate my time and energy to helping entrepreneurs and business innovators achieve a life-balance while “future-proofing” their personal, organisational and financial goals.

If you would like to chat about any challenges or frustrations you have in your life or professional environment, please message me and I’ll set something up – no expectations, obligations or fees.


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