The success of Failure

Hi there Crusaders
Do you know what successful entrepreneurs have in common?
Is it the success strategies they’re using?
– or maybe their personality and character traits?
– or even the support they get from family and friends?
Nope . . . it’s none of those.
It is the fact that ALL successful entrepreneurs have failed at some point in their careers.
Every one of them, without exception, has experienced frustration, shame, and guilt for failing to meet their own goals and expectations.
But they didn’t allow that to stop them from trying again.
They learned from their mistakes and persevered.
Some of them failed many times before finally becoming “overnight successes”.
  • Stephen King got rejected by publishers 30 times with his first novel, Carrie.
  • Thomas Edison tried over 1,000 light bulb constructions before he succeeded.
  • Sir James Dyson, the founder of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners, created 5,126 failed prototypes before he created a best-seller, and
  • J.K. Rowling was a broke, depressed, and divorced single mother when she started writing Harry Potter.
 What would happen if those people have given up after the first, second, or thousandth failure?
Well, for one thing, the world would be worse off without their or life-changing inventions and wonderful writings.
So, are these inspirational individuals that different from us?
You might say that they are all geniuses in their own fields – and you would probably be right.
But, geniuses are created, they are not born.
And how many geniuses end up poverty-stricken and desperate? – most of them. 

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So, what’s my point?
Well, you can have all the talent in the world, with bundles of energy, dedication and passion, but ultimately, you won’t achieve anything of value if you don’t know how to deal with failure.
You have to persevere in spite of every failure you experience.
You need to stop regarding failure as a bad thing. Nobody EVER failed as a result of their failures. They failed because they gave up and stopped trying.
Failure is good.
Failure is necessary.
Failure is a part of success.
That pretty much sums up the main need for great achievements in life, whatever they might be.
If you can deal with failure, and actually learn from it, you can achieve anything you want.
Think of failure as the feedback you get from the world about your work.
And the more you fail, the more you learn.
So get out there and fail with enthusiasm. It’s just part of the journey to success.
Have a fantastic week.

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