The Importance of having Confidence

Hi Crusaders
If I wasn’t confident in my abilities, I wouldn’t be where I am.
Well, it’s quite simple.
Without confidence, I wouldn’t take my shots in life.
  • I wouldn’t climb to become CEO of a Billion Rand business
  • I wouldn’t quit my career and focus on FutureProof.
  • I wouldn’t meet my wife, etc . . .
In other words, I would miss all the opportunities that led me to become what I am.
And that’s true for everyone.
No matter how smart, talented, or hard-working you are, you’re not likely to be successful if you’re not confident as well.
But we all seem to forget that. There are no lectures about confidence in our schools. Many of us think you have to be born with it. But it’s simply not true.
Confidence can, however, be learned and developed.
And considering how important confidence can be, I believe everyone should try to become more confident.
Some people are brought up to be confident. They are taught to believe in themselves by learning from their parents.
Others are not so lucky, and start out with a lack of self-assurance and self-worth.
But, regardless of your upbringing and experiences, you can develop all the confidence you’ll ever need. You just need to learn to believe in yourself.
It won’t happen overnight. In fact, it may take as long as a couple of years to really start believing in yourself and your potential.
So, how do you do it?
Well, apart from the encouragement you can get from friends, family, and colleagues, there’s really only one thing that has a significant impact . . .
Make and Keep promises to yourself, and
Set and Achieve goals for yourself.
Every promise you make to yourself and keep, and every goal you achieve for yourself will be a boost to your belief in yourself.
So, if you want to develop confidence and take your chances, you should start taking action today.

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You don’t have to aim high from the start.
You can start small.
After you stack up some wins, you’ll be able to aim higher… and higher…
Until you reach the biggest goal you have (the one that seems out of reach right now.)
That first step is often quite difficult; no matter how small it is. But once you get into the mindset of committing to yourself, and take that first small step, each follow-on commitment will be easier to make.
And as you succeed in each promise kept and every goal achieved, your confidence in your own abilities will grow.
Soon you’ll realise that anything is possible, as you build the confidence you need for ultimate success.
So start today . . .
  • Make that first promise to yourself
  • Set that short-term goal.
And be sure to make them achievable and reasonable. You have to be assured of success, providing you put in the effort.
Good luck, and take care out there

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