Are you looking for a Simple Memory Hack?

Do you have difficulty remembering the names of people you’ve just met, or a concept that you’ve just learned?

Many people do; including me. You see, your brain is very good at visualising pictures, remembering places, and building associations. It’s not very good at remembering abstract bits of knowledge though.

So, this week I’d like to share a very quick and effective method for remembering abstract names, concepts, definitions, rules, etc.

Becoming an Effective Problem Solver

How good are you at solving problems?

Will it surprise you to learn that most people aren’t as effective as they believe they are.

They think they’ve seen it all and that nothing can surprise them, and they get used to solve every problem they face in the same way. After all, it’s worked well for them so far.

So, they reject learning new approaches and stick to their old (proven?) ways; not willing to try new approaches.

But one day, the inevitable happens.

Mastering a Growth Mindset

Last week I covered emotional cravings, and how to overcome them. In the article, I touched on mindset management as part of the solution, but I didn’t elaborate.

So, today I’d like to focus on the topic of Mindset management and mindfulness.

If you want to change your world, you need to change your mindset.

And, if you want to become successful at anything, you need focus, awareness, and positive action daily. Mastering your mindset is no different.

Entrepreneur burnout is real, but avoidable

First of all, what is burnout?

It’s a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion that is brought on by prolonged and excessive stress.

It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands. And it occurs so often that it has been recognised as a syndrome.

Do you know anyone who suffered from burnout?

Have you ever suffered it yourself?

Chances are good that someone you know has experienced it.

The success of Failure

Do you know what successful entrepreneurs have in common?

Is it the success strategies they’re using?
– or maybe their personality and character traits?
– or even the support they get from family and friends?

Nope . . . it’s none of those.

It is the fact that ALL successful entrepreneurs have failed at some point in their careers.

Should Trading be treated as a business?

You don’t have to focus on the development of your core business as your sole source of income . . .

In fact, you should strive to develop as many sources of income as possible so that you can maximise your cash flow.
Then use that income to invest in appreciating assets that will provide you with passive income for your future.

So, with that in mind, I went in search of suitable sources of additional income that I could apply to my own life, and also share with the Crusader community.

How to Avoid Distraction and Stay Focused

How easily do you lose focus?
We are so ‘plugged in’ to society these days that it’s far too easy to get distracted.

This is not really a new problem though. As far back as 2500 years ago, Aristotle and Socrates had already observed that we have a tendency to do things against our better interest.

We subconsciously look for distracting activities that are easier, more enjoyable, and less painful to do; even if we don’t actively mean to.

How to be successful in business

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have that one HUGE idea that will catapult you to the good life?

To create the next SpaceX, Microsoft, Amazon or Tesla?

Sadly, the reality is that ideas are a dime a dozen, and 99,9% of them never even get to the business planning phase.

Taking your ideas and turning them into profitable start-ups seems to be a talent possessed by a precious few.

Opportunity or Objection

Today we’re looking at a different approach to evaluating your mindset . . .
Starting with two simple questions.

Do you know how to encourage and enhance your opportunities?
Do you know how to manage and contain your grievances?

How do you know which course of action you’re taking at any moment?
In other words, are you opening doors or settling scores?

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