Are you coachable?

Now, if you were a professional athlete like a golfer, swimmer, runner, gymnast, or soccer player, then I wouldn’t be writing this.

After all, you wouldn’t need convincing that coaching is a necessary and valuable tool. As an athlete, you would already know this, and would probably have at least one coach involved in your career.

So why is it that we, as small business owners and entrepreneurs, feel that we can walk this journey alone?

The world of business is getting faster, and more competitive and complex every year.

Do You Read Enough?

A recent survey in America found that more than 3 out of 10 adults stated they wanted to read more. It also found that book reading is second only to exercise as the most desired activity.

Pretty surprising?

If this statistic includes you, then opening a book may have become something to do when you’re not busy with something else. And if you read my article last week, you’ll know that busyness is a bad habit that most of us are guilty of. In other words, we always seem to be “too busy” already.

Exposing the gaps in your strategy – The importance of Market Research

Hi there FutureProofers   Happy Tuesday. And a belated “Happy Woman’s Day” to all the ladies in our group:)   There have been a lot of new subscribers to FutureProof in the last few weeks, so let me take this opportunity to welcome you all to our group. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share …

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The Importance of having Confidence

If I wasn’t confident in my abilities, I wouldn’t be where I am.

Well, it’s quite simple.

Without confidence, I wouldn’t take my shots in life.
I wouldn’t climb to become CEO of a Billion Rand business
I wouldn’t quit my career and focus on FutureProof.
I wouldn’t meet my wife, etc . . .
In other words, I would miss all the opportunities that led me to become what I am.

And that’s true for everyone.

The 5 Attributes of the Super-Successful

What is it that the super-successful have in common that we can learn from and aspire to?

First of all, when I talk about success, I’m not just talking about money.

Being Super-successful, to me, is having virtually unlimited wealth, freedom and meaning in your life.

I’ve analysed and compared the actions and work-ethics of people like:
Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin.

The result is a list of specific attributes that all these modern-day multi-millionaires and billionaires have in common.
There are 5 of them.

Where has your curiosity gone?

When you were young, you didn’t need any encouragement to play with other kids or to explore and learn about the world.

You had a natural sense of curiosity – we all did!
But, as time went by, you’ve probably lost it.

And now, you feel more or less stuck in a routine…
Hanging out with the same people…
Going out to the same places…
Eating the same food…

So, what happened?

Have you asked yourself the 5 Whys?

It’s been over 14 months since the pandemic started impacting our lives, and it looks like it’s far from over.

And, if you’ve had access to ANY kind of media in this time, you must have seen or heard endless clips of negative news.

It’s been hard, if not impossible, to stay positive and optimistic the whole time – even for me. And those of you who know me will know that I am a very positive person.

And even if you haven’t watched any news, people around you have, so you couldn’t avoid the negativity.

And here’s the problem…

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