Opportunity or Objection

Good morning Crusaders
Today we’re looking at a different approach to evaluating your mindset . . . Starting with two simple questions.
Do you know how to enhance your opportunities?
Do you know how to manage and contain your grievances?
How do you know which course of action you’re taking at any moment?
In other words, are you opening doors or settling scores?
Let’s have a look at what these terms mean:
An Opportunity is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something special. It is cultivated through a mindset of possibility and positivity. It is basically a side effect of acting as though all things are possible.
A Grievance is a statement of complaint. It’s a feeling of resentment over something believed to be wrong or unfair. So, it’s not about grieving. In fact, it’s the opposite. Grievance is the process of getting even.
Grievances look back and opportunities look forward.
They are polar opposites. 
Are your business and personal relationships focused on ‘grievance’?
Do you care a lot about your ‘dues’ – about what is owed to you?
Do you scrutinise your competition and begrudge their every move?
Are you concentrated on maintaining equilibrium – on fighting to always have ‘enough’ and hold onto your ‘share’?
Or . . .
Are you focused on ‘opportunity’ and whatever possibility may await you and your business?
Do you concentrate more on how big the whole ‘pie’ is, instead of just the portion you control?
Do you care about innovation and about what’s next?
You can build a relationship or a career on “grievance” or on “opportunity”.
It is a mindset – and it’s entirely up to you.

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Opportunity generates more opportunity. Possibilities multiply.
And, sadly, grievance leads to more grievance.
Your mindset, (and the business mindset you create through your company culture), is what fuels the narrative that keeps you travelling down one path or the other.
Can you honestly say that you are happy with, and in full control of the path you are on?
When I debate this issue with clients, I get several objections. Folks argue that it’s not always that clear to differentiate – that life is not all Black & White.
My response to this is very simple:
Your principles are ALWAYS clearcut, specific, and polarising.
Always Black or White | Right or Wrong | In or Out | On or Off |
Principles are non-negotiable.
Now I’m not saying that there are never any reasons for grievances – not at all.
But, whenever some actions or omissions need to be addressed, it helps to resolve them from a perspective of positivity and forward motion.
Address these grievances with the express intention of correcting, learning, and continuing to move forward, armed with this additional knowledge and experience.
If your knee-jerk reaction to any situation is from the perspective of a victim, then you’ll never reach your potential.
Think about it . . .
Until next time, have a fantastic and prosperous week. 

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