One decision – That’s all it takes

Good morning Crusaders
When was the last time you looked back at the decisions you’ve made in your life that had a real impact on where you ended up today?
What was the one choice that represented a significant shift in your life? Or maybe you’ve experienced a few such changes so far?
My most recent fundamental shift was 3 years ago.
It was in December 2014 when I first seriously contemplated leaving my full-time corporate career. I wanted to focus on my own business, helping entrepreneurs to build their futures. (I know that’s more than 3 years ago, but stay with me).
I have been passionate about entrepreneurship my entire life. I have always envisioned building a support community for like-minded business enthusiasts. It’s been a huge part of my long-term vision since I was in my 20’s.
So, after 26 years dabbling with my sideline businesses, I’d had enough. The time had come to either embrace my calling and build a business around it, or abandon it once and for all, and focus on my corporate career.
So . . . I was faced with what I thought was going to be a pretty easy decision to make.
I could choose my stable corporate career and discard entrepreneurship for good.
Or . . .
I could devote myself to my FutureProof vision full-time, and build it into the vision I had in my mind and heart.
It was a no-brainer for me.
But the closer I came to deciding, the scarier it became. I knew that only I could make the decision, and deep down I just knew the answer in my heart. I knew what I wanted.
But I was scared stiff. I had house payments, car payments, school fees, a family that depended on a steady salary. I had real responsibilities, and a bunch of people I loved depending on me.
So, I did the worst thing I possibly could have – I postponed the decision until ‘later’.
I didn’t choose the corporate world over my entrepreneurial journey, I just continued to float between both worlds. Undecided and non-committal.
Bad call.
I wanted to make the decision to turn my passion into my full-time business, but I wasn’t fully committed.
So . . . I started making excuses.
  • What if it fails and I lose both business options?
  • What if it just doesn’t work out?

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What happened next was quite predictable. Both my career and FutureProof started to suffer. Because I couldn’t decide, I was at risk of losing both through lack of commitment to either.
This dilemma raged on in my head for three full years before I eventually made the switch in February 2018. (I’m evidently a really slow learner).
So, to sum it all up, I made a bad decision, and it took three years for me to work up the courage to do what I knew should’ve done at the start.
But, like all bad decisions and negative experiences, it offered up a number of learning opportunities.
So . . . here’s what I learned:
If you can’t make things happen now, it’s unlikely you ever will.
Life-changing opportunities do not wait for anyone. There’s never an ideal time to do something.
If you’re waiting for that ‘eureka’ moment when you just “know” what to do, I’m sorry to tell you that it’s not going to happen.
The circumstances will never be perfect.
You will always have doubts.
You will have to overcome them and believe in yourself and your abilities. And, most of all, you have to trust in your potential for growth.
So, stop delaying your decision.
Stop procrastinating.
The time to take action and pursue your dreams is now. Tomorrow will never be a better option. Besides, “tomorrow” has a nasty habit of never becoming “today”. 
So get out there and do it. Start learning that new language. Explore that business idea you have. Get a workout plan together and get in shape as you always wanted. Pick up that musical instrument and make a start.
It’s time to take a step forward and make every action count – starting today.
For me, leaving my corporate career and pursuing my dream was not only well worth it, but it was a defining moment in my life.
Like the start of any new adventure, it hasn’t been easy. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change it for anything else.
Because I’m living my passion. I’m waking up every day to something that I love.
There’s no better place to be, and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.
Now, it’s your turn. It’s time to make your decision. What’s going to be the defining moment in your life?
It’s time to follow your calling and live your dream.
So, What’ll it be?


I hope you have an awesome week.

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