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Wouldn’t it be awesome to have that one HUGE idea that will catapult you to the good life?
To create the next SpaceX, Microsoft, Amazon or Tesla?
Sadly, the reality is that ideas are a dime a dozen, and 99,9% of them never even get to the business planning phase.
Taking your ideas and turning them into profitable start-ups seems to be a talent possessed by a precious few.
Well, based on my experiences, I have come up with some tips and suggestions to help jumpstart your idea generation, and create something truly great.
1. Start small.
Don’t be tempted to try and get your new product or service in front of as many eyes as possible, as soon as you start. Rather create something a small number of people will fall in love with first.
This will give you the opportunity to gauge the levels of positive and negative feedback towards your idea. That way you can test the waters and tweak your offering and message to ensure that you’re actually giving your customer base what they want (and not what you think they want).
2. Make something worth talking about.
Your goal, as a start-up, is to create something people love. Look at some of the most successful businesses of our time. How many products, services or phone apps are you using today because someone you know told you about how awesome, simple and amazing they were?
At a basic level, your idea should be something that people will want to rave about to their friends. Once you have achieved this, it will spread like wildfire.
3. Tell Your Story.
Every one of us will follow a different path to success. Even though we are on common journeys, our personal situations, challenges, and business strategies will be different.
Don’t be afraid to share your story with others.
You will inspire some people to follow and support you, and endear yourself to those who are still getting to know you.
Many entrepreneurs write books or speak at seminars to generate attention, but you don’t need to go to such extremesJust use whatever opportunities you get to share your story.
Try to enlighten others about the trials and joys of entrepreneurship and your unique journey. Talk about the challenges, the rewards, and the victories and defeats along the way. Even if you don’t think your story is worth telling, the fact remains that there will be people in your audience who will relate to your experiences.
4. If your offer doesn’t excite first-time listeners, revise it!
A great business idea draws people in immediately. It’s like love at first sight.
A lot of start-ups don’t fall flat because their idea is bad, but because they presented it badly. This is where creativity is crucial. Coming up with ideas is easy. Delivering a perfect pitch to strangers is incredibly tricky.
5. Practice solving problems
Great businesses do not just sell products or services. They create solutions to problems.
Some of the best ideas come from pinpointing inefficiencies in common situations.
Consumerism is mostly a system of change and improvement. Your entrepreneurial success will more than likely depend on your ability to find innovative ways to make life better.

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6. Find a coach.
Probably the most important thing to remember as an entrepreneur is that there is always room for improvement. You need to be in a constant state of learning and growing, both in the business and personally.
Having a coach, or at least a group of mentors, will be invaluable to you.
A coach will not only advise, guide and educate you, but they will become a trusted, honest, and supportive critic throughout your career.
It’s as simple as this – learn from those who came before you. Take instruction with gratitude, especially when it comes from someone with experience.
7. Know what you’re building and why.
This is perhaps the most important part of the process. While you’re in the planning stage, you need to create a thorough roadmap of your intentions, supplemented with a strong rationale.
This rationale becomes the basis of your mission statement.
Your vision and virtues need to remain consistent, regardless of how you adjust your plans to the times.
8. Encourage your idea to develop and evolve.
Change is really the only thing that is constant in the world of business. Great ideas are meant to evolve, and failure to adapt to a changing marketplace can spell death for any idea.
So, critically examine all your feedback. Look for opportunities to evolve and improve; not reasons to become upset and defensive. Your business needs to evolve with the changing world.
9. Don’t Get Discouraged
Running a business takes discipline and perseverance, so try to stay positive when things are not going the way you planned.
Some people think that entrepreneurs have it easy, setting their own schedule and handing down orders – what nonsense.
There will always be problems that require additional effort to resolve.
Don’t get discouraged when you come across these challenges.
Just remember that when you are pursuing something that you are passionate about, you will be able to embrace the difficulties much easier.
Well, folks, that’s my list of business tips for this week. I hope they help keep you on the path of business success.
And remember . . .
If your vision and long-term planning are in place, then don’t worry about your destination; focus on the process and be sure to take the time to enjoy the journey.
I hope that you have a great week

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