How has the pandemic affected you?

How has this year changed your life?

Were you planning to take any vacations this year? The chances are good that you’re no longer sure that travelling somewhere would be the wisest move any more.

Since coronavirus, ambitions have been tempered, and the world has slowed down and become more cautious.

In the past, it was easy to look ahead. To create our goals; to plan for a better future for ourselves and our families; and to envision our future desires – like a new house, a better car, or a new job.

But the future doesn’t feel so certain anymore, does it? 

So what we tend to do instead, is focus more on the past and the present. During this very unsettling time of lockdown, our attention has shifted from planning our future, to dealing with the repercussions of our past.

  • Clearing out the clutter in the house instead of just cleaning around it.
  • Repacking the cupboards, shelves and drawers in the house, or rearranging the contents of the garage.
  • Disposing of stuff we’ve accumulated over time that no longer serves us, instead of just packing it away.
  • Confronting those niggly to-do tasks ourselves, instead of putting them on the handyman’s to-do list for later.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, we’re concentrating on fixing what wrong today, so we can shed some baggage for tomorrow.

The process can be very liberating, but many of us restrict it to just our physical environment. But what about our emotional environment? When did we last repack those cupboards and drawers?

It may be extremely difficult to envision where we will be in the next six months, let alone for the next six years. We do, however, know where we are now, and where we have come from.

So take some time during all this uncertainty to reflect on your past . . . and identify some areas of your life that you’re not happy with. They may be bad habits, strained relationships, or unhealthy routines. If you work towards taking back control and eliminating these restrictions, then you’ll be able to move forward unhindered.

And if you want to start building some new habits in your life,  I recommend using 30-day challenges to entrenching behavioural changes.

You can grab my 30-day challenge success pack HERE for free if you want some guidance to get the process started.

In addition to focusing on decluttering our personal space and our minds during this pandemic, we should be reassessing our lifestyles too.

The world has changed a lot this year; some changes will be temporary, but many of them will be permanent. 

How has your lifestyle changed since March?

Have the changes been for the better, or for the worse?

Are you happy to accept these changes as being the ‘new normal’, as you move past the lockdown period?

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So ask yourself . . .

  • Do my established routines still make sense in this new environment?
  • Have I been consistent with my discipline in this unsettling time?
  • Am I happy with myself and my lifestyle choices during this crisis? – Have I stayed fit? – Have I maintained my weight?
  • Have I adapted positively or negatively in coping with these uncertainties?

Whether you’re happy with your answers to these questions or not, the key is to be aware of them and acknowledge them.

You may have adopted some great new habits, or you might have taken on some pretty unhealthy ones; but until you acknowledge them, you won’t be able to rationalise how they might affect your future plans.

Don’t beat yourself up if your answers disappoint you. Your future actions will only be affected by your current circumstances to the extent that you allow them to.

Now that you’re aware of the impact of your lockdown actions, you can decide what to change for the future. You can now refocus on your goals and plan your way forward; despite the current uncertainties.

Regardless of whether your ultimate goals have changed during this time or not, you need to bring them back into focus and reestablish the purpose in your life.

And I find that tuning in to the achieving of those goals helps me sidestep the distractions and the hype that’s is so prevalent in the media these days.

I hope you have a great week. Take care out there.


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