How do you deal with losing motivation?

Hi there Folks. 

Are you still pushing at full-throttle as we close out 2020? Do you have the same drive, energy and motivation as you did earlier in the year? Or are you biding your time until 2021 arrives?

As entrepreneurs, we don’t have somebody looking over our shoulders urging us to stay focused on our priorities. We have to rely on ourselves and our own internal drive to keep us going. It’s not always that easy; especially when we lose motivation.

And sometimes, for whatever obscure physical or emotional reasons,  we just don’t feel motivated to do anything!

I’m sure we’ve all suffered from it. A sudden, seemingly inexplicable loss of motivation. We feel dejected, tired, and hollow. We procrastinate on our tasks and our projects. Just getting out of bed is a struggle, and nothing seems to inspire us. Even though we recognise it and feel guilty about it, we can’t get ourselves to do anything about it.

At times like these, it’s valuable to bear in mind that the three main reasons for losing motivation are:

1 – Lack of purpose,

2 – Setting unrealistic targets, and

3 – Trying to please everyone.

So, when you hit the wall, don’t just grit your teeth and force yourself through your workdays. Rather sit down and answer the following questions for yourself . . .

 Is your Goal Encouraging You?

Are you successfully preventing feelings of being overwhelmed or swamped?

Are your tasks (your to-do items) small and specific enough?

Do you track the progress you make towards your goals at least weekly?

 Is your “WHY” strong enough?

Is your vision written down as well as represented in a vision board?

Does it inspire you and invoke your passion?

Is your vision bold and audacious enough?

 Is your environment supportive?

Do you surround yourself with positive, successful people?

Do these same people inspire you to be your best?

Is somebody, apart from yourself, holding you accountable for your goals?

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 Do you lead a healthy lifestyle?

Are you taking care of yourself?

Are you getting enough sleep, enough exercise, the right nutrition?

Do you successfully manage and subdue your impatience?

Do you appreciate and celebrate your successes?

Do you practice gratitude for what you have?

Do you value yourself?

Do you recognise and avoid negative self-talk?

Do you set rewards for yourself along the way?

Do you take time out to meditate/reflect?


A positive answer to all of these will ensure that you have purpose, energyand direction.

If you cannot answer “Yes” to every one of these questions, then focus on your negative responses, and work on turning them into positives.

And when you achieve this, then:

Results = Purpose  x  Energy  x  Small Simple Steps

Believe me, if you can get to the point where you can honestly answer “YES” to all of them, your motivation will return in force.

Well, that’s it for this week. I hope this helps you when you’re feeling a bit deflated and unfocused.

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Keep a lookout for it. The launch will be soon, and there will be great discounts on offer for early sign-ups!

Have a great week.

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