Have you asked yourself the 5 Whys?

Hi Crusaders
Do you know why 92% of people never reach their goals?
More often than not, it’s because of one single reason . . . They don’t know what their deep intentions are.
One day, they decide they’re going to start a business.
They don’t really know why, but all of a sudden they have an idea of “I want to be my own boss” or “I want to change the world for the better”.
Now, there’s a greater motivation behind that thought process; there always is . . . but they just don’t know what it is.
So, they start working hard. They put everything they have into making that business idea come true.
They might even contact someone like me to give them guidance and support.
But then…
Problems start coming from every direction. Challenges they didn’t even think about.
That’s when they start doubting their decision.
Wondering if this is the right thing to do.
The fear of failure starts taking over them.
That’s when corporate life and their old 9-to-5 job doesn’t seem so bad after all.
So, they end up quitting and giving it all up.
All because they never truly found out what their deep intentions were.
Now, you might be thinking…
Ok, I know how important it is to know my true intentions but…
How can I know what drives me to have the goals that I have?
I suggest you use a technique called “The 5 Whys Process“. This technique was, as far as I know, made famous by Toyota.
It effectively unveils the deep intentions behind why you want what you want. And after you know that, everything becomes easy.

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It goes like this.
You have to ask yourself 5 different questions about your current situation.
And you’ll use each answer to build the next question.
Don’t give quick answers for this. Instead, think carefully about the best answer for your case.
In the end, you’ll have the potential root cause behind your intentions. And after you know that, you’ll be able to take the necessary steps to get where you want to be.
Here’s an example for you . . .
Let’s say you want to get a new job.
You’ve been attending different job interviews, but haven’t heard back from any company over the last 3 months.
Your why questions could be something like this:
Question 1: Why are employers not giving me a job?
  • Because there are too many applicants.
Question 2: And why are there too many applicants?
  • Because this job offer is too broad and doesn’t require any special skills.
Question 3: And why am I applying for such a broad job?
  • Because I don’t have any special skills to apply to more technical jobs.
Question 4: And what’s the reason why I don’t have these skills?
  • Because I haven’t had the money to get specialized courses.
Question 5: And what can I do to find that money?
If you got to this point, congratulations.
You found the real reason behind your problem.
The reason why you’re not getting a job is NOT that there are too many applicants.
It’s because you don’t have the special skills to stand out in front of employers.
And, now that you know that, you can actually start doing something about it.
So, that’s the process in a nutshell.
It’s very simple, and it really works – as long as . . .
  1. You take enough time to decide on the right questions to ask.
  2. You answer each question fully and with brutal honesty.
I urge you to try it. It will give you a foundational cause to hold onto when the going gets tough. It will give you the conviction you need to persevere.
Have a great and fulfilling week and take care out there.

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