Do You Read Enough?

 Hi there subscriber family.

This week I want to touch on the topic of reading.

I really enjoy reading, but, with the daily demands of work and family, it’s difficult to find the time – there’s always something else more pressing or urgent.

A recent survey in America found that more than 3 out of 10 adults stated they wanted to read more. It also found that book reading is second only to exercise as the most desired activity.

Pretty surprising?

If this statistic includes you, then opening a book may have become something to do when you’re not busy with something else. And if you read my article last week, you’ll know that busyness is a bad habit that most of us are guilty of. In other words, we always seem to be “too busy” already.

Do you look forward to the time when you can read more? Do you buy the books you’re keen on, only to let them pile up, waiting for that day-off or your next vacation?

Did you consciously decide that reading is the least important activity in your life?

Have you resolved to squeeze in a few minutes of book-time ONLY when there’s literally nothing else demanding your attention?

It’s unlikely.

Well, I’ll tell you that nothing is going to change – those books are going to continue to sit in the corner, dusty and unopened . . .

. . . Unless you get serious about it and make your reading a priority.

You need to actively change your daily habits and routines to accommodate more reading – nothing else will last.

In my case, I include reading in my morning routine.

I make sure that I allocate a set amount of time each morning when nothing else is allowed to interfere with my activities.

I read 10 pages of my current book every morning; seldom more and never less. It may not seem like much, but that’s 3,600 pages a year, which is between 10 and 15 books. Not bad for approximately 15 minutes a day.

If I happen to have an earlier start to any particular day, I just go to bed earlier the night before so I can get up earlier in the morning. But nothing interferes with the time I have set aside for my morning routine.

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Before changing any of your routines, ask yourself why exactly you want to do it? What are you hoping to achieve?

The answers will boost your motivation to read; as will the decision to start reading books that are inherently enjoyable for you.

Start by reading whatever stimulates you to keep it up while you’re building the process into a habit. Initially, you must focus on building the habit of reading, not necessarily the knowledge that you can acquire.

Then, once you develop the habit and start enjoying the process, it becomes easier to stick with more challenging books. Ones that will expand your knowledge but may not be as intriguing to consume.

Get into the habit of “making time”. It’s like giving yourself permission to shut the world out – just for a few minutes a day. If you take this time to just sit in a quiet setting with your book, you will find yourself looking forward to this time daily.

And lastly . . . it’s always a good idea to track your progress; but rather keep a record of the number of pages you read a day, rather than just ticking off the books you’ve completed.

Remember that consistency is the key – just those few pages every day add up very quickly to a lot of valuable knowledge.

Happy reading, and have a fantastic week

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