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Using Freelancers in your small business

In my last article, I started sharing my views on outsourcing tasks to allow you to focus your valuable time on the important tasks in your business.

If you read it, I trust you’ve compiled the three lists of activities you can and ideally should outsource:

– Things you hate doing.
– Things you can’t do yourself, and
– Things you shouldn’t be doing.

Build Your Dream Business TODAY!

This course is the culmination of decades of education, experience and perseverance in the science of conceptualising and starting successful, lasting businesses.

During this course, I will guide you through the exact strategies that I’ve developed, refined, and enhanced over the past 20 years. The strategies that I’ve used to successfully start and build four (4) of my own businesses, as well as dozens more for fellow entrepreneurs and business owners that I have engaged with.

Instead of going into great detail here, I have recorded a video that will give you all the information you’ll need to know about me personally, as well as this comprehensive program.

How Bulky is Your Job Description?

One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face is the ongoing struggle to grow our businesses because we’re wearing too many hats.

We do everything in our business.

We ARE the business!!!

There are two underlying reasons for this:

1 – When we started our business, available financing options were very limited, if not completely absent. We simply couldn’t afford to hire help and had to do everything ourselves.

2 – We’re control freaks at heart and don’t trust others to operate unsupervised in our business. We believe we can do it better, and it’ll take longer to explain to somebody else than to just do it ourselves anyway. (Sound familiar?)

Why customer experience is critical to your business success.

Anyone who has worked in a call centre will tell you that the adage “the customer is always right” is definitely not universally applicable.

But that’s no reason to start an argument with your client at the expense of customer service. They may not always be right, but they are ALWAYS important.

In fact, second to your employees, they are by far the most important part of your business,

FACT: The way you treat your customers will determine whether you succeed or fail in the long run.

Customer experience really is king.

What does the future offer the youth of Southern Africa?

This week I’m going to take a bit of a detour from my usual content – please bear with me, it’s important.

I’m devoting this article to highlighting the career challenges faced by the youth in Southern Africa.

As an entrepreneur myself, as well as a business mentor and coach, my focus is on helping career-oriented folks like yourself to get their businesses off the ground. As such, I generally direct my attention to individuals already established in the working environment; either as employees or employers. My target audience is between 25 and 55.

How do you deal with losing motivation?

As entrepreneurs, we don’t have somebody looking over our shoulders urging us to stay focused on our priorities. We have to rely on ourselves and our own internal drive to keep us going. It’s not always that easy; especially when we lose motivation.

And sometimes, for whatever obscure physical or emotional reasons, we just don’t feel motivated to do anything!

I’m sure we’ve all suffered from it. A sudden, seemingly inexplicable loss of motivation. We feel dejected, tired, and hollow. We procrastinate on our tasks and our projects. Just getting out of bed is a struggle, and nothing seems to inspire us. Even though we recognise it and feel guilty about it, we can’t get ourselves to do anything about it.

Are You Afraid of Failure?

I’ve been thinking about failure a lot this week. So much so that I decided to share my thoughts with you.

Let me start by asking you . . Are you afraid to fail?

I was.
When I started down my entrepreneurial path in the early ’90s, my first two ventures failed spectacularly. It devastated me, and my confidence took a huge knock. I guess I could’ve given up then, but something inside me kept pushing me forward.

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