Are you Managing Your Mental Diet?

Hi Crusaders
It’s been over 14 months since the pandemic started impacting our lives, and it looks like it’s far from over.
And, if you’ve had access to ANY kind of media in this time, you must have seen or heard endless clips of negative news.
It’s been hard, if not impossible, to stay positive and optimistic the whole time – even for me. And those of you who know me will know that I am a very positive person.
And even if you haven’t watched any news, people around you have, so you couldn’t avoid the negativity.
And here’s the problem…
Negative emotions and stress can ruin your concentration, productivity, and finally, your health . . . Even in small doses.
In fact, they affect you in a similar way as junk food does.
You can get high blood pressure, uncontrolled anxiety, or even diabetes.
All because of the daily stress you endure.
That’s why it’s important to go on a “mental diet” from time to time.
What is a mental diet?
Well, it’s basically a process that starts with monitoring your thoughts.
Then, you need to flip any negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts or affirmations.
The goal of the mental diet is to go for seven straight days without having a negative thought.
Please appreciate that it may take you several weeks (or even months) before you are able to finally get to seven consecutive days of not dwelling on a negative thought, going into judgment, or talking badly about something or someone.
You have to develop the process into a habit.
You will have negative thoughts; it’s human nature.
But, you cannot allow yourself to dwell on them. So, even though you can’t avoid negativity, you can certainly learn to manage it.
The aim is to catch any negative thoughts and instantly replace them with new affirmations. Never allowing a negative train of thought to finish.

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So this is what I suggest you do.
Pick a day to actively start the process and put it in your calendar.
Get a notebook to document your thoughts in.
Then, on that first day, actively monitor what comes to mind when you think of your vision and goals. Identify every positive or negative thought/feeling that you have and write it down in your notebook. You will need to make a concerted effort to focus on this throughout your day.
By the end of the day, you should be able to see a pattern.
For some of you, it may be obvious from the beginning. For others, if the thoughts are deep embedded in the subconscious mind, it may not be so obvious.
Now, with your list of positive and negative thoughts, write down some affirmations that you can say to yourself to confront the negative ones.
Make them short and easy to repeat on a loop.
Then, every time a negative thought comes into your mind, repeat an affirmation on a loop until the negative thought passed.
In the beginning, it will help if you repeat your affirmations to yourself constantlyIn the shower, while driving, going for a walk, etc. Just repeating the same phrases over and over again will reinforce them in your subconscious.
Also, spend a few minutes every evening, just before bed, repeating your affirmations.
Before you know it, whenever you think of your future vision and your goals, your affirmations will come to mind . . . and not the negativity you felt before.
The positivity will also permeate through the rest of your life.
That’s how easy it is.
Within about a month, you should notice changes – Like people in your life starting to act differently, treat you differently, opportunities coming to you out of the blue.
Most importantly though, you will feel different.
You will feel like the person you always wanted to be and knew you could become.
Confident, happy, ambitious and full of life.
I did it. And if I can do it, so can you.
Start your mental diet today. I’m convinced you can get rid of any negativity in your thinking within a matter of weeks.
Have a great week, and take care out there. 

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