Are you coachable?

Only 7 weeks of 2021 left. Wow, it’s been a rollercoaster!

This month I relaunched and my comprehensive business-building program; The ” Build Your Dream Business [BYDB]” mastermind program.

I’m really excited about the attention it is receiving.

This week I want to share my views on coaching with you.__________

Now, if you were a professional athlete like a golfer, swimmer, runner, gymnast, or soccer player, then I wouldn’t feel the need to share this with you.

After all, you wouldn’t need convincing that coaching is a necessary and valuable tool.

As an athlete, you would already know this, and would probably have at least one coach already involved in your career.

So why is it that we, as small business owners and entrepreneurs, feel that we can walk this journey alone?

The world of business is getting faster, and more competitive and complex every year.

It’s increasingly difficult to keep up with innovations in technology, marketing and selling. Not to mention having to stay on top of specific shifts in your industry of choice.

In my opinion, having a business coach is no longer a luxury. These days, with increasing unemployment levels and the flood of new start-ups, it has become a necessity!


Here’s my take on the benefits of having a business coach in your corner. . .

You . . .

    • get personal attention from someone who understands your business challenges better than you do.
    • tap into years of experience and knowledge, and expose yourself to new ideas and ways of thinking.
    • get held accountable for achieving what really matters. This focuses you on long-term strategies, effective time management, and helps avoid procrastination.
    • fast-track your learning as you get and apply new skills and knowledge.
    • have a “sounding board” who is always there for you, giving you unbiased opinions, and correcting you without fear when necessary.
    • get pushed outside your comfort zone, while learning to develop confidence and trust in yourself.
    • have a marketing manager, sales director, training coordinator, partner, confidant, business mentor, and a huge supporter.

And finally,

    • You make more money while improving your personal and business happiness and satisfaction.

Now some people choose a business consultant instead of a coach. They are usually focused on improving a specific area of the business that has slipped through the cracks, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But, understand that a consultant’s impact on your business and your life will be limited to the specific areas of a business you ask them to look into.

Business coaches are different. 

They can provide valuable insight that will help you develop in all areas of your business and life. They address long and short-term goals and strategies while improving your business in general. They also help you mould your business life around your personal life.

Coaches are usually a much better fit for small businesses and small business owners.

If you would like to discuss what coaching could do for you personally, then please reach out to me, and I’ll give you a call to chat about it – no strings attached.

My contact details are at the bottom of the article.

If you would rather take the more discreet approach to get your business off the ground, then consider enrolling in the BYDB accelerator program that launched this month. And, as part of my awesome community, you will get the special “Inner-circle” discount offer.

You will also get priority access if you do want me to help you build your business.

Take care out there, and have a fantastic week

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