Are you a social media junkie?

Hi there Crusaders
Today let’s look into the pros and cons of social media.
Are you a fan?
I am, but not for the same reason as most of the millions of influencers and content consumers out there.
I have two primary reasons why I believe in these modern tools are of great value.
If you have a worthwhile idea or innovation to share, that creates value, you can use social media to amplify your message and reach an audience well beyond the reach of your traditional channels.
And second:
As you build and nurture your community, the limitless network of contacts creates increasing value as more people use it. You can build a real groundswell of fans and supporters.
Unfortunately, that’s not what it gets used for most of the time. . .
It’s become a game of scoring points (in the way of likes and shares).
And people love to keep score. It has quickly become a substitute for actual popularity.
Well, social media companies know and target this. They optimise their algorithms for profit. And their profit comes from engagement. And they’ve identified that the most engagement comes from rewarding emotion and outrage.
Why? Because outrage draws a crowd. Crowds establish culture. Culture reinforces behaviour.
And a desire to be the leader of a crowd reinforced the cycle.
So, the social networks created the game in which you ‘win’ by being notorious, outrageous or, “authentic”. And the whole world is watching if you’re willing to put on a show.
But that’s not how the world actually works.

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The successful (and fulfilled) people in your community or your industry don’t act the way the influencers on Twitter, YouTube or Facebook do. That’s all contrived, amplified bulls#it; it is the furthest thing from reality.
And most of us fundamentally realise that, and yet we let it suck us in anyway. Basically for the same reason that we have an overwhelming need to rubberneck, to slow down when we pass a crash on the highway.
Is it morbid curiosity, the fear of missing out (FOMO), or something else?
Either way. that’s what happens.
And the social network leaders pretend that they can’t do a thing about it. Just as your favourite search engine pretends it can’t control the results of its search algorithm.
Billions of users have been drawn into this unrealistic online world, and it’s controlled by experts in human psychology.

We don’t stand a chance!
I am still a firm believer that social media can be very beneficial to your business exposure, as well as your personal development.
You just need to treat it properly, and avoid the clickbait pitfalls.
And . . .
Until the social media leaders decide to dial down the spread of disinformation, trolling and division, these platforms will continue to breed inhumane behaviour and unhealthy rhetoric.
Within weeks it would create a world that’s calmer, happier and more productive.
So, social media giants, help us! Help us to:
Embrace the fact that breaking news doesn’t have to be the rhythm of our days.
Make it impossible to get famous at the expense of civilization.
Reward thoughtfulness and consistency and responsibility.
Please. We need to feed the world better thought-food.
I hope you all have an amazing and positive week.

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