Month: February 2021

The limits of self-learning

Most of us go through the same phase when we start learning a new skill.

We believe we can learn everything by ourselves – that we don’t need any help.

After all, we’re entrepreneurs.

Blazing trails and being independent is what we do. Why ask for help when there’s a YouTube video, podcast, or blog post with the answer to every question under the sun?

Do you use momentum to your advantage?

This week I want to confront a myth that many people hold about how top achievers operate.

There is a broadly-held misconception that everything the successful minority do is based on their sheer willpower to succeed.

Now, I’m not saying that willpower isn’t important; it is – very important. You absolutely need it to get through tough obstacles and to persevere with your plan.

But, relying on willpower alone will never bring you success. Willpower gets depleted during the day as you make use of it. It is not an unlimited resource.

personal values, value ladder

Are You Living In Harmony With Your Unique Personal Value System?

This week I want to take a look at values.

Specifically, our personal value system that is unique to each of us.

Now values are the underlying motives behind purposeful action. They are the internal forces that drive us to act, and they come in many forms.

So, if we want to feel driven and motivated to achieve results, we have to ensure that our goals are in line with our values.

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